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Snake braid tutorial :) 1. Take three pieces of hair and start regular braiding. 2. When you start to get to the bottom and you can't braid anymore,take the piece that is in your left hand and the middle and combine. 3. Take the bigger combined one and pull up. 4. Slowly push out and even the little loops. 5. Pin it, and you're good for the day!
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I also did a snake braid tutorial, but I love your presentation. Great job!
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How long did this take you to learn? I am the worst at learning new braid patterns haha
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Like 3 minutes lol I love doing hair. Especially braids. I practice on everyone I can. I just look at pictures and videos and just do them.
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Oh my god you're awesome! Thanks for this tutorial!
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Awe thank you :) anytime
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