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How to style bangs that are growing out? Keep them tidy in a braided fashion. You can try any style of braid, but for this tutorial a basic french braid was used. Before styling: Prep hair with spray to give it texture. This step is optional but you'll get more volume. Styling: 1. Section off the front from ear to ear (like a rainbow). 2. Start braiding from one section to the other. 3. When you get to the end of your braid, tuck it behind some hair that will lay over. Pin and look adorable. Product Used: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
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@magicflo80 Let me know how she likes it. :)
3 years ago·Reply
I did this ,😍
3 years ago·Reply
@5azul6lupita2 How did it turn out?
3 years ago·Reply
it was good, I just that I did it thinner 😊
3 years ago·Reply
I love it! Going to try this.
2 years ago·Reply