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Sometimes your bike will be making noises and you just won't be able to work out where they're coming from. I can tell you from experience that you really don't want to have to put up a squeak or rattling during a 3 hour ride. There are many reasons that your bike might be squeaking, creaking or just making general noise. Here's how to solve some common problems.
some times if the cage bolts keep on getting lose ... try a dap of Hot glue ...
@TeamWaffles Maybe taking off the tire and tube, placing a small piece of electric tape on the inside of the hole sticky side down, and pushing through the tape so the valve goes through the hole. Sam effect with tape being on the inside
@BikeSnob I'm trying to think if there is a 'prettier' way to do it. Like if you could somehow hide the tape but still get the same effect
@AnthonyB Glad you found it useful! @TeamWaffles Yeah that was a new one for me too! @troygreene84 You'll be able to pick something up at your local LBS that will help keep those locked in
Important information for finding and fixing all sorts of rattles. Thank you for posting this!
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