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This short one-minute teaser trailer will give you a brief glimpse into an up-and-coming mountain bike film "Chasing the Inca". The film, sponsored by RedBull, follows a team of mountain bikers exploring some incredibly beautiful backcountry in the Peruvian Andes. They documented their amazing experiences along the way. The group of mountain bikers includes Darren Berrecloth, Garrett Buehler, and Chris Van Dine. Their goal is to travel to Peru in search of a lost Incan road that was believed to have been used to excape invading Spanish armies. Watch the full film here
I'd always thought about traveling to Peru and doing the expect tourist things like Machu Picchu. This looks like way more fun!
Man, it looks like they met some cool people :) It's fun how no matter what reason brings people into these kind of "backcountry" areas (be it biking, hiking, just traveling) they get to drip their feet into a new world for them. Exciting!