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I just recently started to delve into some small hikes again (maybe we should call these 'walks') and I found myself with some really freaking painful blisters in no time at all :( After researching on a /lot/ of different sites, I've learned that it's totally my poor planning and preparation causing them! So, to help others, I'm putting together what I've learned about the prevention of such nasty, painful blisters on your poor little feet!! Blisters main causes are heat (from the shoe/sock friction) and moisture (from sweat, wet conditions, or wet socks), so it's these things we want to prevent!!! ------------------------------------------- /=/ Choose hiking boots that fit well and don't have pressure points. These pressure points would cause increased friction, which would lead to more blisters! /=/ Choose watertight shoes that are still breathable. This way, water stays out, but the sweat that accumulates can also evaporate! /=/ Rest your feet enough! If your feed are getting hot or wet, take a longer break than usual to take off your boots and socks. Change your socks to dry ones (and hang your damp pair on your bag to dry!) /=/ Make sure to fully dry your feet if you get them wet (in a stream, etc.) before putting your boots back on. /=/ If conditions allow, use hiking sandals! /=/ Wear a nylon sock under your normal sock--this extra, smooth layer will help prevent the friction that causes some blisters. But, make sure that they are still breathable! /=/ Trim your toe nails (and on the sides, too) before hiking! This nail jamming up against the shoe while hiking will just cause more problems. /=/ Wear any new boats on short hikes, then longer and longer hikes, as you break them in before attempting too big of a journey. /=/ If you have spots that are more prone to blisters, tape them up before hiking! You can look up tutorials on how to do this advanced taping on Youtube. /=/ You might think those cracking calluses on your feet will stand up to walking, but actually, they can crack more easily! Make sure to keep your feet soft (they can still have calluses in areas that need them!) but not cracking to help with blister prevention. /=/ Buy wicking socks that will keep your feet dry and ease friction!
@yakwithalan Ok! I'll think about it some more :)
@treedweller @happyrock You guys are right. Unfortunately, I think you need to kind of try some to see where they hurt and then sometimes there's just no fix but buying a new pair! I should maybe make some info about choosing boots though? Kind of a "foot" focused collection lol
@treedweller Seconding this!!! At the same time though, I almost think everyone needs to make this mistake to learn from it lol
I can't advocate enough /not/ just buying the most expensive brand of hiking boots you can find at like Dicks or whatever! Do some research! Otherwise you're just going to waste $$$ buying 2 or 3 pairs until you find one that's actually good and worth the cost. Trust me. I've been an idiot before.
@fallingwater I'd follow that. I do a lot of walking, and my feet often suffer the consequences
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