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I have the mouth of a sailor. It probably didn't help that I was raised by a mother from New Jersey and was listening to the Clash by the time I was in elementary school. I was just brought up with a more colorful vocabulary than most. That being said, science has some great news for people who curse like me. New research suggests that using curse words (of all kinds!) to express pain may actually help alleviate it. Emotional or physical, something about screaming a four-letter word (five-letter, six, whathaveyou) makes the pain subside, even just a little bit. Hell yeah. A (probably hilarious) 2009 study at Keele University involved a different kind of ice bucket challenge. Their participants were told to dunk their hands in ice water until the cold was unbearable. Half of the people could repeat an obscenity of their choice during the experiment, while the others had to keep all of those feelings inside. As predicted, the profane group lasted longer. Repeating "fuck" and "shit," researchers believed, helped people get through pain by offering a distraction. However! If a word loses its shock appeal, it probably loses its power to distract. There are two routes you can take: 1.Stop cursing and save the f-bombs for when you're in pain or 2. Crack open that dictionary and save some really excellent words for when you next walk into the side of a coffee table.
I don't swear often (even when I want to lol) so I'm sure that I would feel much better if I just let one out! @TechAtHeart It really does feel freeing :)
black rappers must be the most painful mofos lol
I try not to swear but growing up in an inner city makes that so difficult. Having said that, it's usually reserved for during football... or for comedic reasons... but a lot of it happens during football.
I curse all the time too, hahaha. I don't need a study to tell anyone it helps me deal. ;)
While growing up I wasn't allowed to say "stupid" without getting in trouble. At one point in my life I thought I would never be able to swear, it felt so weird coming out of my mouth...however, it has happened naturally on occasion and it feels freeing lol. And I'm so clumsy to top it off.