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This love is simple. It is like lemons and honey, with water. Sweet enough to drink, but untouched when each ingredient is left on its own. I want to be your man. I wish to taste the honey of your innocence, mix it with the sourness of past experience, and cover it with God benevolence. We are not perfect. I love the way our imperfection fits. and you find yourself puzzled by my proposal of me loving you when you felt love impossible. Give me one lifetime to bath in the waters of your tears as I, as God erases the fears of loving me each day at 12:01am as if I were the only one strong enough to carry your heart across memories that haunt at night. I want to kiss your soul. We are here and I am at the corner of clarity and understanding. I will hold you hand as we build our family. You are beautiful, you Two are beautiful, we Three are beautiful. Honey, Lemons, and Water. AB
Wow!!!!! That was so beautiful and incredibly sweet. A lucky and blessed woman indeed. :)
Wow--moving around the three ingredients of this poem, if you will, to create other ideas that go beyond something sweet and into something more complex, only to be reminded of the great simplicity of it all.
I love the boldness of the line "I want to be your man." Like okay yeah you're being poetic and that's great but you've always totally just got straight to the point so that nothing can be misinterpreted!