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So I just found out about this on Tumblr and wanted to share this with all of you~ For Suga's birthday last year (March 9) the boys held a fan meeting at Inkigayo. Basically, all the fans who went to see their live show that day, also got to see the boys afterwards so that BTS could thank them and say hi. What the fans weren't prepared for though is that Suga hand-wrote and wrapped 300 individual care packages containing drinks and snacks that he bought with his own money. Every single fan that went to the event got a present from the birthday boy. What a sweet heart!!
This makes me SO happy! Love you Suga!
that's so nice of him. it's also awesome because my birthday is March 9th too I just found out right now
Awww that is so sweeet.
So cute. I love when members of different groups do things like that for their fans. I think Seungri from Big Bang did something similar for his first solo comeback stage.
@jiggzy19 I love that about him! His name suits him more than he lets on <3
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