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It's official: fracking is causing earthquakes and other serious environmental damages, and we can't ignore it any longer. This isn't the first time that small, unfelt earthquakes (measured only by scientists) have been attributed to fracking, but after a series of 77 earthquakes last March have been studied more thoroughly, researchers are claiming that fracking is definitely the cause. There are some seismologists who say more research needs to be done to confirm, but I've heard enough to believe it's true. Not only that, but why aren't more politicians standing up for the safety of their people? Greed. That's why. Also, landowners are being subjected to undue risks by gas pipeline companies who have bought off our regulatory agencies: there are pipelines (some small at 12" others huge at 42") being run through peoples land, or incredibly close to their houses, because there are no regulations. International oil pipelines have proper setbacks, why are we not enforcing the same here? Because of greed. Is your area infected by fracking? What have you seen? (and for those who doubt that fracking can cause earth quakes, know that fracking using water disposal back into the earth at the end of the process, and that can cause earthquaks. See here for more: http://www.usgs.gov/faq/?q=taxonomy/term/9833)
@yakwithalan @Goyo I have to think it is that kind of game, unfortunately. At least until the current system breaks.
@Goyo So it's a wait and see kind of thing? That's just so sad considering we don't want to wait and see if our environment will fail us.
With natural gas becoming a more efficient energy resource, I doubt we will see this stop. People will stop once the prices of their current energy resources skyrocket. It is sad, but already proven. This is why European nations have more advanced clean energy initiatives.
It's too late: the government expects that it is getting in benefits due to fracking.
@amog32 Agreed. While I don't think that we should be using as much natural gas as we do, I get that it's in demand, but that demand should be met with proper regulations and health safety concerns, not managed by greed.
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