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Take this quiz and find out :) Write down your points for each answer, then add them up and see what the answer is. No do-overs, no matter what the answer is, ok? 1. When you run into him while he's out with his friends, he: a. Gives you a quick hug and says you guys can hang out later. 1 pt. b. Gives a tentative wave in your direction, and sends you a text later. 2 pts. c. Makes a point to say hey, and asks if you're busy later, or if you can join them right now. 3pts. 2. You've been friends for: a. Just a few weeks; still getting to know each other. 2pts. b. Practically forever! 1 pt. c. A couple of months; constantly since you met up through a mutual friend. 3 pts. 3. When you have a bad day, what is he most likely to do? a. Ask you how you're doing the next day. 2 pts. b. Snap chats you an embarrassing picture of himself with a message that says "cheer up!" 4 pts. c. Shows up at your door with ice cream and the movie you always watch when you are feeling down. 6 pts. 4. For your birthday, he... a. Gets you something beautiful: think roses, catching my drift? 6 pts. b. Gets an embarrassing photo of you framed. 4pts. c. Gets you a gift card for the mall. 2 pts. 5. On Facebook, he's.... a. Listed as your brother, obviously. 6 pts. b. Always leaving funny videos and new songs you should check out. 9 pts. c. I'm not sure if he has a facebook. 3pts. 6. How does he compliment you? a. "Wow, someone cleaned up today!" 6 pts. b. "You're the best person to talk to." 3 pts. c. "I'm going to have to start pretending to be your boyfriend soon....the guys won't leave you alone otherwise!" 9 pts. 7. Do your friends like him? a. They like our friendship just as it is. 2 pts. b. They don't really know him. 4 pts. c. They don't get why we're not dating already! 6 pts. 8. When it comes to other relationships.... a. You're there for each other, giving advice, always! 2 pts. b. You haven't really talked about it. 4 pts. c. It can get weird sometimes, not gonna lie...a few S.Os have gotten jealous but I don't know why. 6 pts. Add up your score, and scroll on down!!! --------------------------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------- ------------------ ------------- --------- ------ --- -- - 16-23: Sorry, you're just friends! This doesn't have to be a bad thing, and of course, relationships can change over time, but the consideration you show each other is strictly platonic. 23-34: Hmm....there could be something. This ones hard: maybe you haven't known each other long enough to decide if you're flirting or being friendly, but there might be something. Test it out and small ways. If you're feeling like it's a go, go ahead and take some small steps! 35-48: How are you not together? Okay, so maybe you've been best friends since childhood. But, if you have been and you're suddenly asking yourself if he is more than just a friend, I think you already have your answer ;) Or, he's a new guy friend you've just met, but you find your mind traveling back to him way more than other guys in your life. Don't let this slip away! This quiz is 100% just for fun; you know better than these numbers what your relationships mean! But, if you're having trouble, getting the right answer here (or the wrong one!) might tell you how you're really feeling about him :)
Took it just got fun with my best friend in mind. Got the "why aren't we together"result. It's interesting to get that considering we've had that conversation. We want to be together, but now is not the time. Gotta with on ourselves first. This may just be for fun, but it can give a person something to think about. Enjoy your results everyone! :)
@Jynkster It's sooo good to hear that that kind of situation is normal :)
im single someone chat
@danide LOL!!! Sometimes that just happens!!!
I feel awkward because I just tried this with my best guy friend and got the same results as ^^^. WE'RE NOT GOING TO DATE. HE'S JUST A REALLY NICE GUY.
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