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Do you often loose pens, post-its and other small stationery items? It's time to declutter your drawers and organize it. You can do this with an item your already have in your home. Cereal Box. Yes, never throw away an empty cereal box again. Here's how you turn an empty box into a pretty divider. 1. Used the drawer as a guide to mark the height around each edge of each box. 2. Carefully cut it out. 3. Place a thin strip of wrapping paper across the bottom, attaching it to the box with double sided tape. used a pencil eraser to push in the creases around the inside edges 4. Once the first strip was taped down nice and tight, repeated the same step the opposite direction. There you go! You just made a happy home for your stationery supplies.
Hahaha that before picture is my drawer. I seriously need some organization. Thanks!
This is a great idea! There's a cute stationary store next to my house that probably has all sorts of cute patterns I can use to customize my dividers.
I'm thinking to try this for desktop organization.
Great idea!! I use cardboard boxes inside of other boxes to organize my drawers and desk, but I never thought of wrapping them up so they look nicer :) I'll have to try it!!