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Lets have a poll guys! okay,what do you thing the ending of faith would be? (1. Choi Young will leave with Eun-Soo to the heaven world. (2.Eun-Soo will stay with Choi Young. (3.Eun-Soo leaves to the heaven world by herself. (4.Eun-Soo dies for not having the medicine:( (hope fully hope not) (5. Choi Young hand "problem" goes bad (dies) (6. Other. LETS START A POLL GUYS !
.Eun-Soo leaves to the heaven world by herself. but i want them to be together
yeah.. sad for the girl but i guess that's the only way that he could move on so he could let eun soo in his heart... my fingers hurts from crossing them from ep 1 til now...hahah, but it doesn't matter.. really hope for a happy ending!! ^^
Yes i hope there will be a happy ending! !
Yes! Reincarnation! hahaha! nothing to do with what we are talking about but i feeel so sad for that girl the choi young use to like! the one that had to take her clothes of for the king!! arrrrrrr! it was really sad when Choi Young said "i dont remember her face" :((((((( i know he should move on but its sad!
there are 24 eps and today is the last one!! waaaaaahhh... since day 1, i'm keeping my fingers crossed... hope the scriptwriter really gives out OTP a happy ending!!
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