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It's here it's here it's here! Finally; another trailer to satisfy fans like me who are dying to see the new Avengers movie!! It doesn't come out until May, but that doesn't mean that I won't spend the next 4+ months analyzing every little bit of this trailer!! Serious highlights: - some cool settings - Hulk smashing even more stuff (hehe) - Hulk v. Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit. Enough said? - Lots and lots of Thor XD Do you have any predictions for the movie? Or a part you're most looking forward to seeing from the preview? I'm psyched to see the battle between Iron Man and Hulk!
I'm just excited to watch some more eye candy.....sorry not sorry....but seriously it looks great!! I liked the dark theme of the trailer. The song helps make it really somber.
@onesmile You never need to apologize for that lol!