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Meet your new best friend: Yumi Lee. This workout is totally excuse-proof: no equipment needed, and it's only 10 minutes long! No need to be intimidated by the term CrossFit either: Yumi provides variations for every move. Now let's go get a body like Jessica Alba.
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I can't imagine how difficult it is to do so much exercise and instruct at the same time. Yumi's a champ. Also, I love this. I'm totally going to start off with the low-range variation and progressively build up. How long will it take me to look like Jessica Alba? ;)
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Nice! I've been wanting to test the "crossfit waters"
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Thank god for those variations! I am definitely a beginner in the crossfit world.
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going to try for the first time tomorrow will me your strength lol
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I've tried this one and it isn't so bad. It gives you a great workout in a short amount of time.
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