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So I like key board warriors. You know why? Because they hide behind this facade of their laptop/computer/phone (whatever it may be) acting whoever they want. You could say after I write this that I am too. But I'm not. I like to think that if you mess with my noona (older sister), you mess with me. Now here's where I like to address one keyboard warrior. Her name is apparently @AnamariaNieves. Hi and first and foremost, I'd like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to use you as an example. You see, like a keyboard warrior you wanted to message my older sister and say "bitch get a life." Now I don't like people harrassing people, or bullies, or drama for that matter. But I want you @AnamariaNieves to drop the act, in a way I'm calling you out. My noona told me not to make a scene, but I'd like to think how many people you've messaged like this to. So I'm @Acezsinkillx and I dare you to do that again. Because I will not be afraid to come back to make a card of your stupidity of trying to insult and harassing anyone else. I'm quite surprised a vingle admin hasn't seen your atrocious behaviour and kicked you off. I hope this message got through to you @AnamariaNieves, because it's not a threat... take it as a warning. Oh and one more thing; drop the fie wanna be gangster act. You're irrelevant. Au Revior and have a nice day :) @Floralyssa @MasriDaniela @Nonabisi (tag everyone else)
@AnamariaNieves go fuck urself. girl we were never know u or mention u before u start to annoy one of our friends so get lost and just care about urself and don't never ever get near anyone of us okay or u can't publish a card here again
shame of her why she annoying others me too checked her collection she is weird
well if anyone one checks her profile.. it's so obvious for a girl like her to use such words... shame on her to harass someone this way @Acezsinkillx well done .. vingle admins should check her msgs because i'm sure she harrased others and will do it again
@AnamariaNieves are you normal or is your brain damaged in a twisted way that you can't comprehend the words you read!! is this your only vocabulary? are you living on the street???? you better behave little girl or you won't be happy at all.
@AnamariaNieves poor u !!! sorry for your lost I apologies .... but this don't mean u must talk like this ... u must behave like a good girl ... and apologies comes first !!! U know everyone have a problem but if u don't show your good part that's is a big mistake .... so next time if u did it ...apologize ... don't be ashamed ... like I did ... I am sorry cz I talk abt your mother ....
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