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So I like key board warriors. You know why? Because they hide behind this facade of their laptop/computer/phone (whatever it may be) acting whoever they want. You could say after I write this that I am too. But I'm not. I like to think that if you mess with my noona (older sister), you mess with me. Now here's where I like to address one keyboard warrior. Her name is apparently @AnamariaNieves. Hi and first and foremost, I'd like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to use you as an example. You see, like a keyboard warrior you wanted to message my older sister and say "bitch get a life." Now I don't like people harrassing people, or bullies, or drama for that matter. But I want you @AnamariaNieves to drop the act, in a way I'm calling you out. My noona told me not to make a scene, but I'd like to think how many people you've messaged like this to. So I'm @Acezsinkillx and I dare you to do that again. Because I will not be afraid to come back to make a card of your stupidity of trying to insult and harassing anyone else. I'm quite surprised a vingle admin hasn't seen your atrocious behaviour and kicked you off. I hope this message got through to you @AnamariaNieves, because it's not a threat... take it as a warning. Oh and one more thing; drop the fie wanna be gangster act. You're irrelevant. Au Revior and have a nice day :) @Floralyssa @MasriDaniela @Nonabisi (tag everyone else)
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@AnamariaNieves poor u !!! sorry for your lost I apologies .... but this don't mean u must talk like this ... u must behave like a good girl ... and apologies comes first !!! U know everyone have a problem but if u don't show your good part that's is a big mistake .... so next time if u did it ...apologize ... don't be ashamed ... like I did ... I am sorry cz I talk abt your mother ....
@AnamariaNieves thought that was her friend..that's funny.
@acetaker sis ... ppl like that ...
@MasriDaniela Yes..I figured it was this one.
lolz she's like twelve or something. these kids never got spanked that's the problem these days