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Non-White Celebrity Wedding Dresses
So, everyone is abuzz when Jessica Biel unexpectedly wore a Pink wedding dress on her nuptials with Justin Timaberlake. But she's not the only one.. :) 1. Gwen Stefani (marrying Gavin Rossdale in 2002) 2. Marilyn Monroe (marrying Joe DiMaggio in 1954) 3. Elizabeth taylor (marrying Richard Burton in 1964) 4. Amber Tamblyn (marrying David Cross this year) 5. Julianne Moore (marrying Bart Freundlich in 2003)
I am not against Non-white.. but im not sure about pink
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Pink? Hmmm...
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Yes.. it's still a lil questionable to me too.. >.<
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regine velasquez (phils) wore red on her wedding day...
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