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Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I'm coming you today with my moderator hat on (ha!) to share an idea. How about we all share our writing goals for 2015? You don't have to be specific, but if you share your goals somewhere, written down in some form, don't you think we'll all be a tad more likely to complete them? And, if we're really feeling persistent, we can check in on each other's progress and become a support group for the writing that will happen this year! So, share your writing goals for the year in the comments. What can you do this year? (Side note: I'll get back to Creative Writing community features next week, and cover the first two weeks of the month!)
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To stop procrastinating and actually finish the fiction story I've been working on for a while now XD
@MattK95 Good luck!
@greggr thank you!!! :)
I would like to continue writing the fiction I have poured some time, and energy and tears into, however I'm hopelessly stuck for the direction I want to take the story to. hopefully it will come to me soon.
@hauskat15 Good luck! What I've found helps in that situation is to focus on a different piece of writing, see what your mind tells you, and then return. Sometimes, a break to work on something else will help your subconscious sort things out.