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Sophia Amoruso, founder of LA based online fashion retailer and author of best selling book "#GirlBoss" is giving up the CEO title at Nasty Gal. But she will always be our GirlBoss. Nasty Gal was started as her side project nine years ago and it has evolved into an e-commerce powerhouse over the years, so why did she decide to step down? According to Re/code reports, this was all Amuruso's idea. She has decided to help her brand grow by putting her business in the hands of new leader, Sheree Waterson, who has experience with operational expertise. While we always associate CEO stepping down with some scandal (Mike Jeffries and Dov Charney, most recently), this is not the case for the GirlBoss. Her intention is to take "Nasty Gal to the next level of maturity." A great leader allows her team to shine, so she can shine. In my opinion, this showed how smart and intuitive this woman is. I respect the fact she wants each person of the team excel at what they do best. While she will not be the CEO she will remain as executive chairman and lead the company's creative and brand marketing teams. I'm definitely looking forward to Nasty Gal's future with its new leader and supporting team in the fashion industry.
I've seen this brand grow over the years and they quality is consistent. I would have to say it's all due to a great GIRLBOSS. :) It's rare to see a leader that is humble and team-oriented!
I agree with @stargaze. It's been really interesting seeing this site and business grow and grow over the years.