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We always hear about cutting down on calories or portion sizes, but are we eating too little? Here are some signs to watch out for telling you to up that calorie count! When you eat too little, your body goes into starvation mode and actually holds on to carbs and fats longer than it normally would, causing weight gain. 1. You feel stressed all the time 2. You have low energy 3. Trouble falling asleep or staying awake 4. Food cravings 5. Hard time waking up 6. Cold hands and feet 7. Poor appetite 8. Low body temperature Even for young girls, the absolute lowest amount of calories you should be eating is 900 calories, and even then your body will be reaching starvation mode. Eat up!
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I feel every one of these...but I actually eat a lot, not in big portions but I eat a lot in a day. majority of what I eat are mostly carbs too.
@SydDye Maybe try to put more protein in your diet then? Sugars and carbs can make you feel really sluggish...
Hmmm I'll try that. @sophiamor
No matter what, I make sure to have a handful of almonds everyday!
@esha I feel that way sometimes to its supposed to mean you have low blood sugar problems when u don't eat try drinking juice or sugar water even a pbnj helps with that but it don't go right away usually takes a day or to