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Want to wake up tomorrow a little healthier than you were today? Here are 7 things you can do before you crash tonight that will give you an edge on tomorrow! 1. Drink green tea to boost your metabolism. Interested in tea? Check this out --> 2. Drink a glass of water to help clear your skin. 3. Ditch late-night carbs to lose weight! 4. Do a short yoga sequence to de-stress and relieve anxiety. Not sure which yoga poses are best for relieving stress? Check this out --> 5. Pack a gym bag so you’re ready to start your workout in the morning. 6. Slow down your dinner; eating quickly can stop you from realizing when you’re really full. 7. Find time to meditate — it will help you focus and relax. Not sure how to get started with meditation? Here is a beginner’s guide -->
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3 is a big problem for me. I always raid the bread box before bead when I'm having a cup of tea :)
3 years ago·Reply
Ahaaaaan nice tips ... Thnx
3 years ago·Reply
Eating dinner at a slow relaxed pace always calms me down and helps me settle in to sleep easier
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah same thing also happend to me ...
3 years ago·Reply
Only Beyonce can wake up Flawless!
3 years ago·Reply