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We've all done it. Raided the pantry and fridge, eating the left overs, the crackers, way to much string cheese, a candy bar or two. It happens (though we should think about WHY and how we can stop the next one) but you need to find a way to bounce back! Instead of curling up in a corner and crying, here are some simple steps you can take to counteract that binge: - Plan for the day: If you binged in the morning, plan to make lunch and dinner light and healthy. Try to focus on protein and fiber. If it was late in the day (or most usually at night!) plan all of your meals for tomorrow starting with a light breakfast with tea and vegetables. - Drink: You can’t undo a binge, but you can minimize the bad effects by drinking a lot of water. It will flush out all of that salt and nasty toxins. Try these detox waters too ~ - Get Moving: Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind, but it is so important! Take a brisk walk or something that gets you off the couch and away from the food. - Curb your morning carbs: If you binged the night or day before, try eliminating your carbs at breakfast. Your body needs a protein reset so aim towards non-sugary yogurts, eggs, and a ton of fruit and veg! This gives your body some time to use up what it has stored rather than overloading your system with more. - Don’t Give In: Too often, women binge and then continue a pattern of binge eating. This is how a simple slip up can turn into weight gain, depression, guilt and sadness. Just because you had one bad night or day doesn’t mean you should throw your hands in the air and completely give up. Binges happen, but they don’t have to become habit. Use these quick fixes so that a food binge doesn’t derail your healthy lifestyle.
If I eat a carby breakfast in the morning I am done body craves protein and when it doesn't get it everything backfires and I feel like eating everything in sight!
If I start the day poorly food-wise I tend to consider the day ruined and just continue to eat bad foods. I really need to quit that! It is never too late in the day to turn it around!
Drinking water is really important for me even if I don't eat a lot. If I don't drink a lot throughout the day I feel bloated and unhappy.
@sophiamor that is why I always make sure to start my day with scrambled eggs :)
@sjeanyoon same here, its a bad habit to fall into but I feel so defeated when I eat too much!
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