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Three Minute Arm Blaster!
Only have three minutes? Here is a great workout that will hit both your forearms, triceps, and biceps, to give your arms a gorgeous sculpted look. You only need to do these 5 moves! - Arm Circles - Knee Push Ups - Overhead Press - Tricep Dips - Knee Push Ups - Bicep Curls
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I love tricep dips! I sometimes us my chair to do them since my arms are too short to do them on the floor lol
3 years ago·Reply
I'll try them tomorrow :)
3 years ago·Reply
Let me know how it goes @Eduardonunez I'm interested in doing this too!
3 years ago·Reply
I'm going to try to incorporate this into my morning stretching routine :)
3 years ago·Reply
I tried it! It isn't that hard! I consider it as a beginner excersise
3 years ago·Reply