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This is a perfect example of how patience pays off. Oh, and it helps if you know information that others do not. Chris O'leary says that while he found out his original flight to LaGuardia Airport was delayed 3 hours while still in his hotel, every other passenger on his flight found out when they arrived at the airport. The reason? His hotel was across the street from the airport, so he didn't need to leave as early as everyone else. This allowed him to delay his departure from his hotel, and just wait for his original plane to be ready. When his plane was finally ready to depart, he left for the airport. While he was waiting for his plane, though, it seems everyone else, too impatient to wait, was rebooked to other flights. That left Mr. O'leary as the only passenger left on the original flight... And the awesomeness happened from then on! While he did eventually get a companion passenger, he enjoyed the life of a high roller with his own private jet for a while. Eventually the plane left with him and 1 other passenger... What I am wondering is why when this happens to me, instead of getting a private jet, I just packed into another plane like a sardine...
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@Goyo I don't know why I expect efficiency from them anymore.
@amog32 you are absolutely right. The better thing would be to move him to a business or first class seat on another plane, but... as you said, they are just not the most efficient of companies lol
Ha! Must be nice to live in style. Too bad about the other guy arriving, but I guess it's almost like traveling with a friend.
I didn't think an airline would actually still fly a plane with just one guy! Wouldn't that be a total waste of gas. However, given the general incompetency of airlines are regulating price more affordably, I'm not that surprised.