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the sun came out so what better to do in your spare time. I don't know how to post videos here. on our adventure these two old ladies showed up with the dogs. they were really nice and cool and gave us some apples. on another note I have decided I hate the oat soda dp. it took me over an hour to switch trucks and I didn't even do it right. And the wobble is getting worse. to top it off the beer can website isn't working so I can't go switch it out right now.
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In the third photo you like one of my friends but with shooter hair.
I took all of those photos!
Same it might be a but chilly in ny but I'm going to shred my new blood oranges and drop some thane
@NickRadis I'm about to go out and I wish my zombies left thane
@JoshSmith try blasting through dirt. that gets some of wheels that never thane to thane