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The horror. The solidarity. The need for revenge? That has been the process for almost all things these days. When ever there is some attack, either the government or the public demand for blood in return. It is the too common, "an eye for an eye." And to be honest, who would have blamed the Charlie Hebdo staff if they had done the same? Yet, here they are with their new cover, "Tout est Pardoné," to remind the whole world that peace comes when we stop demanding retribution. Their new cover simply translates to "All is forgiven." (Forgive me if my translation is off... It has been a while). After all that they have been through, the fact that is their first collective message speaks a lot about the moral fiber of their team. There will be many who say will not remember that many of these "jihadists" think that they have suffered worst. I am not saying that they are right. Nor am I saying that it condones senseless murder. I am just saying that enough is enough. Violence in the name of whoseever justice needs to stop. And I so proud to see that Charlie Hebdo too is saying the same thing.
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@HumoodAlhausawi @amog32 @greggr I am sure that many will disagree over the usage of a cartoon or not. I am not trying to even focus on that. I am trying to tell people that let us stop listening to all that other noise for at least one day. Let us focus on the message that all of us should adhere to "all is forgiven." I do not agree with the magazine on many things, but I admire that this is their message to the world, regardless of how it is presented.
@amog32 There were many people who didn't commit the terrible acts in Paris that were deeply offended by the original cartoon, but of course just took the cartoon as just that. I'm not sure they'd find this the next step they want to see.
I don't see an issue with this cover. While it is done in a cartoonists style and incorporates the "Je suis Charlie" sign, I think it calls out for people to disassociate Muslims from murder, which I think is something we'd love for the world the stop assuming.
Why not just leave Muslims and their beliefs and stop violate their sacreds U calling for peace but u walking other way round
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