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[MV] 매드클라운(Mad Clown) _ 화(Fire) (Feat. Jinsil(진실)…: http://youtu.be/XzNqcc__uRs God this song ×.× ever since I heard it since it came out. Perfection. I've always been mad clown's fan. He's amazing, he's rapping is amazing...his face too. Anyways from jinsil'voice to hani's expressions. I really enjoyed this song. What you guys think?
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Yeah I loved it! :)
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This is one of my favorite songs right now. I already have the album! He has a really nice song with Jooyoung on it. :)
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omg I've been obsessed with this song as well<3 Mad Clown is amazing
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I really love this song and video too!
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