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This pup might not do any base jumping, but he certainly is the perfect companion for his owners to take up. They've got him trained to run back down, all the way to the parking lot, after they make the climb and jump! This way, they can take him out with them, go base jumping, and everyone still gets home safely together. I may not be a base jumper, but I'm working on training my dog to be in the outdoors with me (in my case, hiking or camping). Great example of the gradual steps you have to take as you get your dog used to something like this--don't just expect them to do it in one go!
@AnthonyB You've gotta just get lucky with the right kind of dog, I think! Or, train them from really young unfortunately.
Absolutely adorable! I'd love to train my dog to do something even remotely close to this, he's not very good at following directions though...
Woah! I thought training my dogs to do much simpler things was complicated. What a clever dog, and a very cool base companion