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Ladies and gentlemen here's a recap of the Autumn '15/'16 menswear show from the London runway this week. While writing this card I couldn't help but listen to Cyndi Lauper's, Girls (Boys) Just Want To Have Fun, and smirk while flipping through the images. The playful theme of the menswear is definitely creative and infectious, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. You decide if this is fabulous or outrageous. 1. Agi and Sam A/W 2015 Model in lego masks, stacked like tiny, colorful cities built on cheeks and foreheads. AKA, what it looks like when all you have is eyes for legos. 2. Sibling Fall 2015 Model in dyed hot pink hair and paper bag fabric fashion. Remember "The Paper Bag Princess" in elementary grade? I think I found her prince. 3. Christopher Shannon A/W 2015 Model in plastic bag (with air holes) over his head. New fashion headwear of the year? Let's make sure the kids don't follow this. 4. Craig Green Fall 2015 Model in crafted sweaters with a gaping hole right at the upper abs. Guys, more reason to not throw away your sweater with holes. 5. Moschino Fall 2015 Model in fur tops and coats with classic zebra-leopard prints. It's a hybrid of Cruella de Vil and dalmatians. 6. Katie Eary Fall 2015 Model in colorful skull cap that resembled a brain with a clownish print top. This is a production of science and fashion. 7. Rory Parnell Mooney A/W 2015 Topless model in black baggy pants and visor-like gloomy headgear with veils. Looks like he's ready to knock someone down. Photos: Getty Images
@alise I'm speechless, too. Though I do love the use of legos in the first look!
Not sure what to say about this! haha I'm speechless, especially for the zebra print one.