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Guillaume Blanchet is a lover of cycling. His passion comes from is dad, a man who spends a lot of time on his bike. Some would say that he lives on his bike. Blanchet created a short film dedicated to his father's passion for the freeing feeling of cycling. He spent 382 days riding through the streets of Montreal. Sometimes it was cold, sometimes it was hot, Blanchet rode his bike everyday because he enjoyed it despite external factors like the weather. I think this is such a great little film. It sums up a cyclist's love of cycling very well, with a little humor added in. It's something a lot of us have thought about before, and it's something that we can relate to. I hope you like it!
The toilet paper on his handlebar is a nice touch.
I wonder how long it took to film all of this. I know he spent 382 days riding his bike, but was that consecutive?
Interesting short film. He has some great balance, especially through the snow!
Glad you guys like it! @TeamWaffles @AnthonyB Yeah the egg part is pretty ridiculous! LOL
Lost it at the eggs part. Really great little tribute film :)
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