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Sorry everyone! I had went to the Mexican Consulate in the city over and could only do my lipstick! (left at 6am) And I know what you are all wondering so I'll say it... Yes I did look fabulous with just lipstick and no other makeup on. Hahah not weird at all. Anyways! It is very difficult to remember to take pics of my makeup after i get done with classes or if I'm running late and forget to take a picture. So, I do apologize in advance for days I don't post! I will also be posting a pic tomorrow of the cute leggings I got! I hope you all have an amazing week!
@Sjeanyoon I did apply gloss to it ^^
Love it! Did you add any gloss to it? I'm used to lipsticks in a matte tone
@danidee It is L.A Colors lip gloss Lipstick Duo
What lipstick is this? Where did you get it? It's a great color!