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Heart of Jesus a.k.a. Elephant Ear (Caladium x hortulanum) * Their origin is South America, but these are a hybrid produced mainly for gardens. However, you may come across them in some areas of your hike, and should know they're not good to turn to for food in a survival situation. * Called both Heart of Jesus and Elephant ear, they share a name with other plants (like Taro) that are also nicknamed Elephant Ear. However, while Taro has edible routes, this plant is not edible. * Caladium plants are toxic when consumed by children, dogs or cats. If ingested contact your local heath center (children) or veterinary center for pets. * It can also be toxic, or at least you make you sick, to healthy adults.
My stepmum said that orhid's flower are edible.
@yakwithalan @treedweller GUYS lol no you can't eat those things. Plant or not!
@yakwithalan So, we can't eat elephant ears either?
@yakwithalan Ha. ha ha. Ha. (lol)
So, I can't eat the Heart of Jesus? (sorry, couldn't resist)
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