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Basic story: Bob Latta, republican representative in Ohio, proposed a bipartisan (with a total of 1 democrats supporting it when this bill was proposed last year) bill yesterday that would, according to him, "keep the internet open." However, the bill would actually prevent the Federal Commission from applying any common carrier rules to Internet service providers. The FCC seems likely to do this next month, in order to break up the hold on the cable market that has been taken by just a few companies. This brings us back to the idea of net neutrality, who are we fighting, and why are these politicians so ready to take a paycheck and not be concerned about what people are actually asking for? The answer is because they're getting paid. A lot. In fact, ISPs and telecom industry groups have been among Latta's top donors. In the 2013-14 election cycle, he received $15,000 from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, $13,000 from AT&T, $10,000 from the American Cable Association, $10,000 from Time Warner Cable, $8,500 from Comcast, $8,000 from Verizon, $8,000 from NCTA - The Rural Broadband Association, and $7,500 from CenturyLink, according to In the case of the ISPs, donations came not directly from the companies themselves, but from their political action committees, employees, or owners in order to comply with campaign contribution rules. Tricky, right? Do you think this bill will pass? Or is it more likely that Obama (or the Senate) will stop it?
I think the fact that lobbies are still allowed is the real problem. Lobbies are basically what dictate the type of things that the "public's" representatives put forth. For example, in 2014, the telecom lobbyists spent 38 MILLION dollars!
@timeturnerjones I don't think it will pass, so don't worry too much (not that I can predict the political forecast). Either way, it's shocking to me that he can continually push the same bill, year after year, and keep making so much money from lobbyists through this. It's just disgusting.
@Goyo lol if only things could be that simple XD
@timeturnerjones the lobbyists lobby for there to be lobbyists? lol that is a one hell of a job. I wish i could lobby for google to hire me lol
@Goyo From what I understand (which honestly isn't that much...) lobbies are still allowed bc they lobby to keep themselves's ridiculous.
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