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How many of you have a complete set of makeup tools? If you're one of them, good for you. But for the rest of us, you're probably wondering how to apply makeup without the correct brushes. You're not alone. The good news is there are various tricks to apply blush on your cheeks and blend eyeshadow without investing in a brush. Here are 5 items found in your bathroom cabinet that work just as well to apply makeup. 1. Wedge Sponge: This multi-function beauty product is perfect for applying foundation and concealer. But guess what? You can also use it to blend eyeshadow and clean up edges of your eyeliner for that gorgeous cat-eye. 2. Q-tips: We often associate this with cleaning up makeup mistakes. However, you can use this as a lipstick applicator. Just get them a little damp before you apply lip color. 3. Cotton Pads: The circular cottons pads is my favorite among all cotton pads. When I can't find my brush this is my blush applicator. It picks up color really well and you can also use this baby to apply powdered makeup or pressed powder. Tip: For blush, lightly whisk the pad on the color, then apply it on your face. 4. Tissue: The fiber from the tissue can be used as an oil blotting sheet or underneath the eye to catch fall-off when doing a smokey eye. Just tear the tissue in half and then set the inside of the tissue on the face. 5. Toothbrush: This sounds a little bizarre but they are wonderful for brow grooming an lip exfoliating. This is common sense, but make sure you use a clean and unused toothbrush for this
I never thought to use cotton pads to apply blush, but it makes total sense. Now my many boxes of neglected Benefit blushes can finally be put to use without having to buy another blush brush.
Cotton pads are the best!
@stargaze It also gives you a dewy finish.
I love using sponge for foundation application. I personally think blending and coverage is better with the sponge.
@danidee I'm sure those blushes would be happy! Just a reminder though, don't let your powder blush or eye shadow sit too long because it often expire within 2 years.