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The loneliness is loud. Wanting to hear, the noises are drowned. I want to love. Love isn’t easy and the love I've had before was empty, superficial, something artificial, hard to taste its natural currency. Now... I hold a heart that is not my own and suddenly I don't feel so alone. It beats and I break, and it beats and I breath all of her into my existence. I feel the noise of the true love I've been missing. I hold her heart, and hand her mines in a paper bag, embarrassed because my heart was broken from holding on to a love I never had. She peeked inside and smiled she placed her finger on my frown. She pointed towards her heart I held and her heart it looked like mines. She placed my heart within her hands and I heard the beating of my love as the broken parts of me began to heal within her hands. AB
The loneliness is loud. Wow. What a statement.
The best lines, for me: "It beats / and I break ,/ and it beats / and I breath all of her into my existence." Really nice rhythm there!