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Every wonder how to get the perfect glitter nail? Follow these steps and trick to glam up your glitter gradient game. You can apply any base color but for this tutorial purple was used. Tip 1: Before applying glitter polish on your nails, put the polish brush on a paper towel and let it absorb the clear base for about 5 seconds then apply the glitter. Tip 2: Apply glitter polish first to a paper towel and let it set for about 5 seconds, then pick it up with the brush and apply gradually building the glitter gradient effect. Now show it off at your next party. :)
I'm obsessed! Red and gold would be great for chinese new year :)
@madeleine The idea to put it on a paper towel first is genius! Never would have thought of that
I've tried the gradient effect several times but it came out average. I'll try the two tips you suggested and see how it goes.