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"You only know you love her when you let her go. But you let her go..." Repeat, the song plays continually in my ears as i stare at the glow upon your face. How many times i thought about the times we had as a sophomore. "See i remember when i met you as a sophomore, started out as friends but i knew that we would want more, Hit your favorite restaurant with your favorite dress on, that's one of my favorite memories that i've kept on.." Heartache sent my way, becoming a pest to me as i try to accept the fact that, the you i once knew, dwindles. "I miss the nights when you would call just checking in..." Memories as vivid as the letters being displayed in front of me, hands hovering over the keyboard just as my heart did over yours. "We used to say this world was ours together, yea the pain fades away but the scars are forever.." There is no way I can utter the words I love you as i once used to with the ambiguity of emotions. "Faith hurts but remember to hope because things change but the memories don't." I REFUSE TO SUCCUMB TO THE BULLSHIT THAT HAS BEEN HANDED TO ME ALL MY LIFE, I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE WAY OF LIFE WHEN DEEP DOWN WE ALL HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT ALL! Please stay, i can't handle another night alone, mentally. "Don't you let me go, let me go tonight.." I long for the day we can say the words i love you and remember the feeling it sent down our throats and into our hearts. "I know we seen a lot of shit the whole time we've been together thought we knew it all but just couldn't predict the weather i think about you and imagine a house and some kids.." I CAN'T STAND THE PAIN OF HOW MUCH I WANT TO GO BACK AND KICK THE CHAIR! It's bad for me to feel as though my life is insignificant It's bad for me to feel as if i can't make it in the world It's bad for me to... It's bad for me to even think about it.. "I want the memory of who you were and what it was To wake up everyday and have an endless love with an angel from up above.." I channeled deep within myself, dug into my veins, poured it onto screen and keyboard. Not pen to paper, but how much more beautiful it would have been, just as the first time i learned about pain. "Don't you let me go, let me go tonight..." I won't leave, just yet. Not until i know you won't let go. Stay forever with me...
@Voltron15 Cool! Always looking forward to reading more. Everyday problems and people are my favorite to read about: easiest for me to relate to, easiest for me to love!
Thank you guys, they are lyrics from two songs, i write about my days sometimes. I'm hoping to write stories, and publish novels. I have a lot to say and am inspired by everyday problems and people. I think that there is more to writing then just words. I have more, so i'm hoping that you guys will enjoy the up and coming. thanks for taking a read.
@Voltron15, this reminds me of something VERY similar that just happened to me almost two months ago. I can honestly relate to this writing. You literally just spoke the words I could never say out loud for me.
Dude this great. got me lost in my feelings right now
The stanza of the "It's bad for me...." is the one that stands out most to me, especially the indenting of the final line. You did great work with the look of the piece.
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