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It's getting warm and fuzzy in the Hollywood home. As you all know Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just welcome their first child, Violet Reynolds. It looks like this will not be the last baby news in the Hollywood scene. Here's a list of expecting mom-to-be celebrity you can keep an eye out for! 1. Zooey Deschanel just announced her pregnancy with People. According to the news, the "New Girl" star and boyfriend producer Jacob Pechenik are over the moon to meet the little one this summer. 2. Announced in December 2014, Emily Deschanel and David Hornsby are excited for their second child. More reasons for the Deschanel sisters to get together. 3. Duchess Kate Middleton baby no. 2 is on the way. The royal family's home will definitely be filled with joy this season. 4. Keira Knightley and James Righton are also expecting their first child this Spring. 5. Benedict Cumberbatch and Finance Sophie Taylor confirmed a while go they will be expecting their first child this year.
Keira and James child will look adorable for sure.
Oh my god sophie is already having a baby!!! Gosh let us mourn your marriage for a bit longer Cumberbatch
Go go go Deschanel sisters! So exciting for them :)
How exciting for the mom-to-be(s)! I didn't even know Zooey was dating. I guess I'm a little behind in the hollywood news.