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* Aries - (500) Days Of Summer Aries is youthful in love, making things great and fun from the start, but that also comes with a world of stubbornness, and they're very quick to fall into boredom and move on, so be careful! * Taurus - You've Got Mail Taurus, you're patient and reliable in love. Sure, you may be involved in a less conventional relationship, but you're okay with that until you feel betrayed. When you anger comes out, it's not unreasonable! You're patient--to a point, and that can effect your love life. * Gemini - 13 Going On 30 You're biggest enemy in love is yourself! You need to believe your emotions: otherwise, one day you'll be feeling one way, the next day a different way, and you're true feelings will be hiding beneath the surface. Make sure to look at what's right next to you, and be honest with yourself! * Cancer - 50 First Dates Cancer, you resist change, hang on to the past, and rely on a high level of stability in order to feel comfortable in any relationship. But don't keep replying the same relationship style if it never works out! Try something new, and find someone you can trust. * Leo - Maid in Manhattan You're faithful, flirty and powerful: don't let anyone put you down! Your real power is in being a ruler of hearts, so keep at it! Be strong, be brave, and don't be afraid to give your heart to someone worthy. * Virgo - Silver Linings Playbook While you may preach that love isn't the end all be all, you'll find yourself entering into relationships that won't just give you love, but will also help you feel like you can help someone by giving them your love! * Libra - Love Actually You're all about the balance in relationships. Really, when it comes to a breakup, it's more likely that you pulled the plug because you realized balance wasn't ever going to be achieved. Don't be afraid to fight for a fair relationships, but remember, things can't always be seen from your perspective. * Scorpio - Friends With Benefits Often, you're caught up in the passion of a relationship without being caught up in the emotional. Sometimes, it's the reverse. Either way, you have a tendency to allow mutually-destructive relationships to continue on. Lucky for you, it sometimes works out. * Sagittarius - 27 Dresses You have a heart set for love: when you see your target, you don't want to let them get away! This can lead you to be totally blind to others around you (hint hint!) Don't let your liberal judgement about relationship fidelity distract you or cause yourself (or others) any harm. * Capricorn - The Proposal You believe that love comes through patience and hard work, and sometimes, that causes you to be blind to the love that is building up in your other relationships! Don't be surprised if you fall for someone you've been building a relationship with for a long time, even if that wasn't your intention. * Aquarius - Pretty Woman Strong women are feared by a lot of men. When you find a man who is ready to trust you and let you trust him, don't keep him at an arm's length! You'll confuse him, and only hurt yourself. * Pisces - The Wedding Singer It can take a lot of wrong relationships to get to the right one, on both sides! Don't let that make you lose faith, and don't let it make you bitter towards love: you'll get the right one eventually. Be honest about your feelings and it'll all work out.
@onesmile @esha Ha, I hope you guys liked this :)
@esha Ha!!! Yeah no one wants to be stuck in that one!! Yikes!! But I guess the guy is cute, no?
OMG I would! Get 13 going on 30. Typcially me, I think. Trying too much, not realizing what's really going on, etc. etc....