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As promised, @alohajpark, sharing my favorite bread for this post --> I'm not sure if this falls in the bread category, but growing up my family serve this as bread replacement for breakfast. We usually plate it with strawberries, eggs and sausage. Another variation is eating this with yogurt, but I can eat it alone because it's so delicious! To everyone - if you haven't tried this you should get yourself one right now. You can purchase it in your local Ralphs, Target, or Albertsons grocery store.
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Thanks for sharing @alise! I actually haven't had this in a long time and I definitely miss it. I need to put this down on my grocery list for my next Ralphs visit. :)
Wow, pound cake with strawberries sounds really nice.
Sounds like a perfect breakfast to start the day.
So simple and so sweet! Just give me a tiny bit of whipped cream and I'm a happy girl!