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From now on, I'll be adding classic songs every Tuesday for Throwback Tuesdays If I get 50 likes on any Throwback Tuesday post, I'll sing it for you all or even better, I'll make a playful rap. Good or bad, it's your fault. Let me know what you think! As for me, I love this song and could sing this all day.
love your Throwback Tuesdays idea! love this song, they should do a reunion like BSB and NKOTB, haha
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Thank you very much! I hope one day people decide to take me on the offer, but I agree, a reunion would be great! None of them have done anything lately, so free money.
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Oh man, I miss ninties boy bands!
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Well in that case, today's the day for the next installment of Throwback Tuesdays. Check out what I've chosen!
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even just the intro brings back memories
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