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In 2000 Colin Gray began to document what happened between the relationship of his parents after his mother, Rene, had a stroke. In Colin's words, the photographs captures 'my family's quiet agony' with his month initial hospitalization, four years of care from his father, Roy, and eventually his mother's death in 2004. He documents not only Rene's illness, but a touching insight on his parents' love for one another and his father's resilience.
@timeturnerjones Extremely poignant. I would be lying if I said I didn't get a little teary eyed as well.
@hunahuna I mean I didn't catch much of the symbolism on the first watch. It would take more than just that one look!
@dillonk It definitely hits an emotional chord
@timeturnerjones I'm not quite sure what you mean by first round, but I'm glad you liked part of it!
Wow. That was really touching. I dont' think I got any of the symbolism on the first round, but I did get a huge whiff of the strong emotion here. Yes, those might be tears. Great piece of work.