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You guys I am in love with my Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in On Fire red. Amazing smooth consistency and gives your lips moisture instead of drying out and flaking. Stays on very well especially with a lip liner! Fun fact: Exfoliating lips with ELF exfoliating lip scrub (comes in a lipstick tube for $3 at department stores) before lipliner or lipstick will help the color go on smooth and last longer. Also gives you soft lips without all the messy DIY sugar scrubs! Also great for traveling & on the go!
I've always wanted to try Revlon Colorstay Lipstick. Thanks for the brief review! Looks great on you.
@sjeanyoon Yes, but usually I use an eyeshadow that matches the lip color to avoid changing the color when you apply it. A dusting of translucent powder would do as well! @ArianaVenti Go to Sephora one day and try on a bunch! Go in there with no makeup on so you can wipe on and off easily. Also use your hand/arm as a swatch to test colors before buying. It will help you see what it looks like on your skin tone instead of just looking and guessing. (: @stargaze I recommend it alot! And thank you! Target has a great selection of those lipsticks!
I haven't found that perfect red shade for me yet :/
Do you ever use the powder trick where you dap a bit of face powder on your lips after applying lipstick? I've never tried but I am willing to do anything to stop my lipstick from wiping off!