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Get in the groove with a 1920's flapper inspired hairstyle. Try it out for a semi-formal party. This style takes a little practice and patience, but you'll be awarded with tons of compliments. Everyone will think you cut and permed your hair. Tools: Metal styling clips (short and long) A 1/2-inch curling iron Bobby pins Tissue Hair elastics Hairspray 1. Begin by dividing hair into four sections: one at the front, one on either side of your face, and one section at the nape of your neck. Clip out of the way. 2. Using your heated curling iron, carefully curl each section — except for the portion of hair at the nape of your neck — securing each curl with a short styling clip. 3. Once all your curls are pinned up, release the clipped-back portion of hair at your nape. Using a mirror — or a dexterous friend — braid this section of hair tightly against your head. Pin securely with bobby pins. You’ll be using this area to secure the length of your hair, so you want this to feel very tight and secure. 4. Release your clipped back curls, gently brushing to create waves. 5. Decide where you’d like the waves to fall and, using your long styling clips and tissue (to prevent creases), clip into place. 6. Divide your hair into two sections — as if you’re making pigtails — and wrap a piece of tissue around each section. 7. Starting on one side, remove the tissue from around your hair, and begin to roll the length of your hair under. 8. Continue rolling until you reach the nape of your neck. Using your bobby pins, secure the roll to the braided portion at the nape. Don’t be surprised if this takes a sizable amount of bobby pins. 9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 with the opposite side. 10. Remove the long clips and tissue from the front of your hair, adjust as needed, and mist generously with hairspray.
I have always loved this look but I knew if I cut my hair I'd be sad hahah This is great!
This would be so cute for a 20s themed party or something :)
@sjeanyoon That's exactly what I thought!
I love this look, but I'll probably need a hair stylist to do this for me. I have no talent with braids like that.
I have a vintage dress that would go well with this hairstyle!
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