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Dirt Cheap Versions of Ultra Expensive Products

1. Txtr Beagle, $13 Introduced this month in Europe, the $13 Txtr Beagle is the first e-reader to sell for less than the cost of a print book. Weighing in at just 4.5 ounces — the ultracheap Kindle competitor runs on disposable batteries and can store 12 to 15 books. Users must use their cell phones to download and transfer books, as the bare-bones device lacks a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. “It’s clever to leverage the capabilities of your smart phone to beam books over,” says Mark Spoonauer, editor-in-chief at 2. Tata Nano car: $2,500 Launched in 2008 in India, the $2,500 four-door Tata Nano may be the cheapest car on the planet. The company plans to launch a more substantial model for the U.S. market in 2015 that will still cost less than $10,000. Though the Tata Nano factory had an initial capacity of 250,000 cars a year, the company sold just 74,500 cars in the 2011-12 fiscal year, up 6% from the year prior. At just 10 feet long and 5 feet wide, it had a reputation for being a poor man’s car, experts say. Plus, at that price, they say, a motorcycle is often preferred by those navigating the congested streets of Indian cities. “The launches of similar small cars by others vindicate our belief that this segment was missing in the product line,” Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata wrote in the company’s latest annual report. 3. Caviar: $14 an ounce Once a heavy dollop of this cheap caviar is glistening in a silver goblet, discerning guests may never know the difference. Savannah, Tenn., purveyor Kelley’s Katch Caviar charges $27.90 for a 2-ounce tin and $55.80 exactly for a 4-ounce tin. Produced from the roe of paddlefish found in the rivers of Tennessee and other American states, it’s salty, pearly gray in color, and looks like Sevruga Caviar, harvested from the Sevruga sturgeon native to the Caspian Sea. People appear to like the price and the taste: Kelley’s Katch Caviar has been in business for 25 years. It’s 96% cheaper than most caviars. Sevruga typically costs up to $125 an ounce, while Osetra Caviar can cost as much as $180 an ounce. 4. Citizen fold-up bike: $169 As most urban cyclists will attest, the basic fold-up bike typically costs around $500, but Citizen Bike sells a version for 70% less. The six-speed, steel-framed “Tokyo” weighs 30 pounds — putting it at the heavier end of the folding bike scale — and has 16-inch wheels. Avery Pack, president of the Dania Beach, Fla., company, says they trim costs by only selling directly to customers through an online store; Citizen Bike manufactures the bikes too.The downside to the cheap price is a heftier bike that’s less durable, says Alex Stegemann, ride specialist at NYCeWheels in New York. 5. Aakash tablet: $40 It’s a tablet computer for less than one-tenth the price of an iPad. London-based DataWind this month launched the $40 Ubislate 7Ci, which is marketed primarily to schools and lacks most of the features of the Apple gadget. It has Wi-Fi and a touchscreen, but it has a low-resolution camera and it’s obviously not as fast as pricier 7-inch tablets on the U.S market. Plus, online forums have been clogged with complaints about those who paid for but never received its predecessor, the Aakash 7. The company says it has completed deliveries for almost 80% for customers who prepaid for the Aakash 7, and will refund those who don’t want to wait for the device. “The key reason for the delay is the overwhelming demand,” says Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of DataWind.
These arent so bad! i'd get the Txtr Beagle.. and with that price.. i'd buy it in all colors! :)
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Would You Buy This Raptor Egg Candle?
My sister appreciates a good candle. She's the kind of person that spends a concerning amount of money at Yankee Candle and an equally concerning amount of time hanging out in the candle section of any given department store, holding candles like Sugar Cookies, Summer Rain, or Fresh Lavender to her nose like a trained connoisseur in all things home fragrance. Because I'm the younger sister, and well, younger siblings naturally like to despise everything their older ones are into, I'm not really big on the whole scented candle thing. However, if you were looking to buy me a candle this Christmas, this mystery dinosaur egg is totally more my speed. Yes, this egg-shaped candle - created by Firebox, the same novelty gift manufacturer that brought you Unicorn Tears-flavored gin - might look pretty unassuming when you first take a look at it, but after you've let the candle burn for a bit, quite a magical thing starts to happen. "Say hello to my little fren..." As the wax melts away, a porcelain velociraptor reveals itself, an ornament that you can keep once you're done burning the candle. (Yes, that's right. You get a raptor that - according to the website - is "ready to train to do your bidding". What do you get when you're done burning that White Musk candle? Nothing. Not even one dinosaur.) If you're ready to take on the task of recreating the weirdest (but secretly coolest) scene from the original 'Jurassic Park' in super super slow motion, you can purchase the candle here (where it's around $45 because it's apparently too awesome to be reasonably priced). Would you buy this dinosaur egg candle? Or will you wait it out and hope whoever invents the first time machine brings you a real one someday? Let me know in the comments below, and for more things to waste your money on, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection!
조선시대 사극에서 의외로 지켜지지 않는 고증.jpg
바로 조선의 왕실 호칭 흔히 잘 알고 있는 폐하-전하-저하-합하-각하-...는 중국식 황실 예법에서 나온 것. 조선에서는 이 중국식 체계와 조선에서만 쓰는 예법이 혼용되었음. 여기서 얘기하려고 하는 것은 조선에서만 쓰던 왕실 호칭 1. 마마 : 왕, 왕비, 상왕, 대비, 세자를 부르던 호칭 오직 이런 분들에게만 마마라는 호칭이 허용됨 원 간섭기에 들어와 한반도에 자리잡은 말임 따라서 원 간섭기 이전 시대 왕실에서 마마라는 호칭을 사용하거나 세자가 아닌 왕자, 왕녀, 후궁에게 마마라고 부르면 안 됨. 2. 마노라 : 처음에는 마마와 같은 의미로 쓰이다 조선 후기에는 세자빈을 일컫는 말이 됨. 1600년 계축일기에 처음 등장 조선 중기에는 "대비 마노라" "대전 마노라"처럼 마마와 동급으로 쓰이다 조선 후기에는 세자빈 전용 호칭이 되고, 20세기에 이르러 아내나 중년 여성에 대한 속칭으로 격하됨(마누라) 마노라의 어원은 불분명해서 몽골발설, 마루 밑을 뜻하는 말루하에서 유래했다는 설(이 경우 섬돌 밑을 뜻하는 폐하, 궐 밑을 뜻하는 전하 등과 맥락을 같이 함), 고유어설 등 다양한 설이 병립함. 3. 자가 : 왕녀나 정 1품 이상의 빈을 이르는 호칭 왕녀(공주, 옹주) 그리고 정 1품 이상의 빈들은 뒤에 자가가 붙음. 세자가 낳은 군주•현주도 포함 정1품까지 승격한 후궁, 간택되어 처음부터 무품빈이었던 후궁 등이 해당함. ※세자빈이었다가 세자가 죽어서 봉호를 받은 빈들도 존재하는데 이들에 대한 호칭이 어땠는지는 모르겠음 4. 마마님 : 정1품 미만 후궁 및 상궁을 이르는 호칭. 한 글자 차이지만 많이 다름. 5. 대감 : 왕의 적자인 대군(무품), 왕의 서자나 손자, 방계왕족인 군을 이르는 호칭 조선이 망해갈 무렵 이런 호칭체계가 무너졌다고는 하지만, 그 이전을 다루는 사극을 볼 때 어딘가 불편하게 느껴지기는 함. 끊임없이 대군마마를 찾는 신채경 인터넷 기사에서도 마찬가지 이런 조선의 궁중 호칭을 잘 살린 드라마로는 해품달이 있음 출처
Would You Eat These Star Wars Ice Cream Flavors?
In a galaxy far, far away - or, you know, Brooklyn, a popular ice cream shop is banking in on the highly-anticipated 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' release by making a Force-approved release of their very own - two delectable flavors of frozen custard inspired by the film. Before you comment with "What the what, @danidee?! How'd they get past Disney?!", the limited edition flavors are a special collaboration between Ample Hill Creamery and Disney themselves. (Yes, sometimes when it's not being an evil miser of a corporation, Disney knows how to be a homie and treat their fans to something great.) And these flavor descriptions are so beautiful I might cry. First, there's the Dark Side: ultra-dark chocolate ice cream with espresso fudge brownie bites, Cocoa Krispies, and white chocolate pearls "to represent the light still hiding in the dark, waiting to burst through." (The company's words, not mine.) Yeah, I bet that PB&J is looking pretty boring right now, Vader. And then, of course, there's the Light Side - fit for members of the Rebel Alliance (or people who just really like vanilla). It's marshmallow ice cream with homemade Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies treat clusters "to represent the dark side still lurking within the light." I like how they feel like they need to explain why they put two different types of Krispy treats in there. Bro, it's okay. You already had us at 'marshmallow ice cream'. Who knew Jedis were such supreme foodies? The best part is that Ample Hills is making the ice cream ONLY available online, which means that you don't have to live near their New York location to buy it! (Let's momentarily look past the fact that it costs $36 for a 4-pack and you have to pay for express shipping, shall we?) So with that being said: Are you down to order some Star Wars ice cream? Or are you perfectly content with just sprinkling some Cocoa Krispies on your Thrifty Chocolate Malted Crunch and calling it a day? Let me know in the comments below, and for more things you didn't know you wanted to buy until you opened up Vingle today, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection!
경비원 대신 경비서는 아파트 주민들
서울에 위치한 한 아파트. 화면보고있는 MC분들도 놀라는 표정 경비아저씨 그냥 지나치는 분들이 없음 이 분은 현재 근무중이신 신선근 경비원분 경비원 한 분은 아프시다고 함 자발적 모금을 시작한 주민분들 이렇게 동참해서 모인 금액이 50세대, 5백만원. 이사가신 분조차도 연락이와서 모금하고 싶다고 따로 챙겨주심 ㅠㅠㅠ ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ 이렇게 해서  주민들이 자발적으로 한대수 경비원분의 빈자리를 메워준 것. ???  이 분은 오늘 경비근무하시는 주민분. 오전 근무하시곤 터치!  오전 오후 나눠서 교대근무까지 하심 주민분들이 경비원분에게 보낸 카톡. 한대수 경비원분의 가족분들도 감사한 마음에 아파트마다 손소독제를 놓으셨다고. 계절 바뀔 때마다 아파트 대청소  주민분들이 하고 계심 나가서는 직급있는 분들일지라도 여기서는 그냥 주민일뿐 여기서 청소하고 계신 한 분 노희경작가님 찍지말라고 하심 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 노희경 작가님도 이 아파트가 너무 좋아서 정착하셨다고. 대청소 = 경비원분 쉬시는 날 괜찮다고 일 안주심 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 배치된 택배기사님들 위한 냉장고까지. 목축이세요~ 퇴원하자마자 아파트 와보신 경비원분과 한달음에 나오셔서 반기시는 주민분들 같이 온 아내분께는 호박나눠주시는 주민분도 계심. + 호칭은 언니ㅎㅎ 왜 눈물이 나는지 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 출처 : 아직까지 따뜻한 정이 남아있는 이상적인 공동체군요 주책맞게 눈물도 찔끔납니다.. 모두 모두 건강하고 행복하세요. +고덕 @@아파트 주민들.. 보고 좀 본받으시길;