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If you're still wearing the same workout uniform from last year it's time to revamp your closet. With the New Year's workout plan, it's only natural to have a workout wardrobe makeover. If you need a little extra motivation to get to the gym, check out these looks from San Francisco's street. They'll get you moving in no time. 1. Everything about this outfit is amazing - black sports bra, flannel shirt, vest, fitted pants, cheetah print flats, and a good looking duffle bag. 2. Ditch the basics and brighten up your wardrobe with a vibrant track jacket and mesh pants. 3. Geometric pattern for the win! Go crazy with prints. 4. Up for a color-challenging? Try color-blocking for gym. 5. How to look classy in a sports bra? Throw on a mesh top and layer on a vest. 6. Time-efficient workout attire you can wear outside of the gym. Photo: Anna-Alexa Basile
Okay that conversation about men's tights just killed me haha
Thank you @iluvdurian31, not ok at all lol. Atleast not out in public anyway. If a chick wanted me to wear tights I'm totally with it
@KTM2014 I agree. Guys in tights, just isn't right.
interesting. well I don't think guys should than. it's just not right. Girls can wear them all they want and nothing can get in the way of that;)
I'm sorry I couldn't contain myself. I would totally rock some of those outfits if it was acceptable for guys to wear pants like that. I'll try to update my style though;)
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