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Looking back at these prompts, I realize that these cards tend to fill up the community as there is one published every day. If anyone finds it at all too annoyung or much, I wouldn't mind making it Every-Other-Day Doses of Writing or something. January 14, 2015 Write the thoughts of an aspiring author constantly getting rejected.
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Yes, every other day will be good. And maybe you can make this prompt have a happy ending!
3 years ago·Reply
@chiaroscuro That's the goal!
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Please keep sharing your prompts. I am trying to write about avery prompt when I have time. And these prompts make this community more that just a poetry sharing place.
3 years ago·Reply
Agree with @OmerTurco! I think it's fine to lessen to every other day if you want for a while, but I do think the community can use these really well :)
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