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Washing your face is the most basic and necessary part of a skincare, especially for ladies who wear makeup. However, most of us clean our face with either the wrong product or wrong method. As a result, your skin becomes sensitive and prone to acne. So how do you properly wash your face? Follow these tips for a healthier skin. Note: Everyone's skin is different and you may not see immediately results. The tips listed below are my personal regimen and what I found useful for a clear complexion. PREP This is an important step, but most people just jump right into cleaning. If you have makeup on the skin, you should wipe it off with makeup remover. Once you're done, gently splash lukewarm water on your face to open up the pores. CLEANSE 1. Squeeze about a dime of foam cleanser on your fingertips, run lukewarm water over it and rub your hands together. Once the foam bubbles start applying it on your face. 2. Start from the chin with circular motions gradually movig towards the cheek, nose and forehead. The reason: the middle parts is where blackheads and whiteheads usually form, so by the time your reach the center your fingers will be warm and enough to open up the pores for more effective cleaning. 3. Once you get to the nose section gently clean in circular motion (inward strokes) so that pores don't get clogged. 4. Don't neglect the neck. RINSE Once you're done, rinse with lukewarm water again. Then close it with cool water (not extremely cold). Try not to rub your face too hard, just splash it two to three times. FINISH Pat dry with your hand or towel. Note: I love using a foam cleanser because it's more gently than gel. The foam also does a great job lifting dirt and sebum off the pores.
Thanks! Excellent explanation!
LOL @tip #4. "don't neglect the neck"
I'm glad you covered prepping the skin. As someone who puts on eye makeup, it's vital to clean out the eyeliner and mascara before washing my face. Otherwise, it will leave residue.
Patting dry is so important! Rubbing your face dry can create wrinkles easily.
In the past I have used Alba's face scrub for daily facial wash, but I switch to foam and I love it. While the scrub is made to combat trouble skin the exfoliating was too much.