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I'm surprised to find myself not rebelling against the extension of this drama. This week I thought to myself, "only 6 episodes left? But Maru and Eun Gi still have such a long journey to travel to heal themselves and to find proper footing in their relationship. They still have such a long way to go before they take down that vixen Jae Hee!" Plus, I have confidence that the PD can make the episodes believable and fit in the story. Throughout the drama there have been instances when a lot of things didn't make sense, but beautiful directing and phenomenal acting always elevated this drama beyond what it is and what is stands for. So basically, I am strongly for extension. What do you guys think?
@reyam yeah that's true korean dramas tend to drag a lot but I think in this case its not going to be that bad!!
@14jenny Eun Gi and Maru could definitely use a lot more together on screen! I wouldn't be worried about this destroying the drama though...The PD and the whole drama crew has been doing an amazing job so far!
yep extension is good to see more joong ki oppa but i think it will destroy the drama cause when it comes to me i hate long dramas cause it s alway boring when its long so for me no extension
Hmm.. I love the idea of extending this drama since I can see more of Eun gi and Ma ru's sweet moments. I can also see joong ki's acting more but what if that extension would destroy this drama. >.<