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Best shooter in NBA history. wasnt so lucky in the last year's contest tho.. he's all better at catch and shoot or off dribble 3pointer.
@magicflo80 3pointers is a stat that wasnt really tracked or advocated for until recently. This is why there are players who are pump faking and taking a step sideways (to shoot the 3), when it was taught before to pump and take a step in. Measuring pure shooting based on 3 pointers is a bit incomplete no? I am not denying Curry is a great shooter. But this is like saying King James was the best player to play the game 5 seasons into his career. And if you went by just stats, he ranked statistically better than Jordan...
I meant best 3point shooter in NBA history. Curry made 1,000 career 3pointers in fewer games than anyone else including Ray Allen and Larry. and that 5 seasons don't even count for his early injuries. For Allen, it took 500 games to make such record, and Larry Bird btw is not even in the top 100 list buddy..
@magicflo80 best shooter in NBA history? That is really high praise for someone who has only played in 5 seasons. Is he already better than Ray Allen? Better than Larry Bird? I think that Allen (as much as I dislike him) is still the best shooter in NBA history. If Curry continues his pace, he might become the best, but not yet. Also dude, why dont you publish this to the sports community