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Another cute shoe you can make yourself. It will take about 15 minutes to complete this. Follow the images for step-by-step instructions! Materials needed: Shoes (preferably plain with a round-toe and enough room at the front for a cap-toe effect), black paint, brushes, masking tape, white paint and a white marker pen if you don’t have a very steady hand with a brush.
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This is so smart! I've been looking for cute cat toe shoes, but I should just make some!!
@danidee Go for it! it's really easy to make. The cost is also much cheaper.
This is so adorable, but I have a feeling I might be too old for this.
I totally will! I'm a size 11 1/2 shoe, so it makes it a little harder for me to find cute shoes. Might as well make them, right?!
LOVE this